Start of 2016-17 season (Seniors)
GF St Kevins OC def Donvale
SF St Kevins OC def East Doncaster
SF North Balwyn def by Donvale
11 Heathmont def by North Balwyn
11 Ashburton Willows def by East Doncaster
11 St Kevins OC def Donvale
11 Deepdene Bears def by Mulgrave
11 Surrey Hills def Bulleen
11 Hawthorn def Mont Albert
10 East Doncaster def Hawthorn
10 North Balwyn def by Surrey Hills
10 Bulleen def St Kevins OC
10 Mont Albert def Deepdene Bears
10 Donvale def Ashburton Willows
10 Mulgrave def Heathmont
1 Dasun Randika141Dunstan Shield10
2 Andrew Zaicos126Dunstan Shield5
3 Nitesh Patel123Dunstan Shield9
4 Chris Durham123Dunstan Shield7
5 Robert Cooper115Dunstan Shield10
6 Chris Durham115Dunstan Shield4
7 Benjamin D Torney112Dunstan Shield4
8 Nitesh Patel110Dunstan Shield4
9 Martin Gibson109Dunstan Shield4
10 Oliver Stephenson109Dunstan Shield10
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