ECA Turf - Use of covers on Friday 15 March and Saturday 16 March 2019 for turf grand finals
Date of Event : Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:29AM

The ECA Turf Wicket Committee (TWC) advises clubs the following in relation to the use of covers for the turf grand-finals this weekend: 

  • Due to the prevailing weather conditions and forecast the laying of covers/hessian tonight (Friday 15 March 2019) and tomorrow night (Saturday 16 March 2019) for play on Sunday is OPTIONAL (subject to any instructions from ground managers or curators).  Clubs are not required to obtain permission from the TWC for the non-laying of covers.
  • Where clubs have been advised by ground managers that covers must be laid on Friday and Saturday nights regardless of weather conditions, clubs must liaise with their respective ground managers/curators before deciding not to lay covers.  
  • Home clubs and first named clubs at neutral venues must liaise with their respective ground managers/curators about the use of covers.  

  • Clubs and umpires must follow the instructions of the ground manager or curator about the use of covers.  

  • Umpires will be advised about these directions. 



Greg McLeod
ECA Turf Wicket Committee

Last updated: Sunday March 17, 2019 7:52PM
Author: Greg McLeod