Covers optional Friday 13 October and Saturday 14 October 2017
Date of Event : Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:27AM

To give wicket tables the best chance of drying due to recent rain and the prevailing weather conditions/forecast, the ECA Turf Wicket Committee (TWC) advises clubs that the laying of covers tonight (Friday 13 October 2017) and Saturday night (14 October 2017) for Sunday matches is OPTIONAL.  Clubs are not required to obtain permission from the TWC for the non-laying of covers.


Where clubs have been advised by ground managers that covers should be laid on Friday and Saturday nights regardless of weather conditions, clubs should liaise with their respective ground managers/curators before deciding not to lay covers. 


Clubs are reminded that grounds managers, curators or clubs (at their own discretion) may lay covers at anytime if they believe the covers will assist in the preparation of wickets.  If covers are laid in these circumstances (own discretion) it is not necessary to inform the TWC that covers have been laid.




Greg McLeod
ECA Turf Wicket Committee

Last updated: Sunday October 15, 2017 11:03PM
Author: Greg McLeod