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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
16711364831268283223467Max ShuttleworthEastern CA2017/2018Jim Beitzel U16 Shield1 1West Gippsland CA
2656167251268280896665Douglas BergaminEastern CA2017/2018Neil Wright U21 Shield2 1Dandenong District CA
3608979271268283234360*Oliver WillEastern CA2017/2018Des Nolan U14 Cup2 1Melton Junior CA
46011237201268283233060*Oscar E BrownEastern CA2017/2018Russell Allen U14 ShieldQF 1Diamond Valley CA
56012941781268283232260*Charlie WardEastern CA2017/2018Russell Allen U14 Shield5 1North West Metropolitan CA
65714272501268283235057*Fraser A BaddonEastern CA2017/2018Des Nolan U14 Cup3 1West Gippsland CA
7528770371268283249652*Jamie ShepherdEastern CA2017/2018Keith Mitchell U12 Shield1 1Western Region Junior CA
852884721268280896652Alex P TownsendEastern CA2017/2018Neil Wright U21 Shield2 1Dandenong District CA
9506056391268283221250*Douglas WarrenEastern CA2017/2018Phil Arnold U18 Shield4 1Diamond Valley CA
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 50 runs.

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